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Some things in life should be faked… well that’s what Pinky Goat’s Natural Collection makes you want to do!With a professional range of 8 handmade silk lashes, Pinky Goat’s ultra-lightweight beauties are perfect for creating a stunning natural look.

Ideal for day or evening wear, you can even reuse all of the Natural Collection lashes up to ten times.

Pinky Goat lashes are available online at www,pinkygoat.com and from selected retailers.




Pinky Goat is a professional lash brand that has taken the lash world by storm.

Launched in 2015 the brand has not only developed a breathtaking range of beautiful and affordable lashes it was the winner of the Best New Beauty Brand 2015 at the Pure Beauty Awards, which took place in London, UK.

Starting online, the demand for Pinky Goat was so strong that they launched in stores at the end of 2015 and are now rapidly rolling out across the Middle East and beyond.

For further information please contact our Press Department via info@pinkygoat.com